Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coming Out

OK.  Here it is. I'm officially coming out...

I am interning with the University of Utah Athletics Department Marketing team. There. I said it. I'm fully prepared to be attacked by your rotten tomatoes. I wave a white flag, hoping that you'll hear me out.

I have been applying for internships everywhere, with completely solid resumes and cover letters. Apparently I'm not supposed to leave Utah yet because, these guys were one of two (the other in D.C.- that's another story) that offered me an internship. Yes, it's Utah. And yes... it's events :)

I wish I had a camera to take a photo from tonight. It was my first night at the internship and I was shadowing another intern to get the hang of what it's like. I was given an extremely nice under armour backpack (with Utah on one side instead of both sides... it can be used!) As well as a polo, lanyard and a handy dandy operations access pass. Yes. Full access.

It was my first time in the Huntsman Center, and it was a womens basketball game. My internship covers all home womens and mens basketball games as well as gymnastics meets (which I hear completely sell out!) I had no clue who people were talking about: coaches, staff, no one. I felt just like a basketball fan that had floor access... to the enemies game.

I talked to the other intern about the fight song. He is on the muss board, comes from a long line of Utes, and knows the fight song. When I told him my fight song stories, he couldn't believe it. I said, "Seriously? ... Have you heard the muss sing the fight song at a football game?? You can only hear the band!" Then he admitted that I spoke the truth. Word.

I heard the staff talking about the BYU game on Saturday and how it's going to be a complete blue crowd. DON'T LET ME DOWN BYU FANS!! The game is at the U, and everyone there knows that their team sucks. While talking to the other intern, he was hoping that Utah didn't have a blow out. To which I responded, "BYU had a blow out in football, it's only fair." I later confessed that I came from a long line (by long line I mean a two-generation line) of BYU fans. And I told him if he ever reported it to the marketing team, I'd personally tell a professor he has, that I had previously, to fail him on his final. He accepted the blackmail, and then confessed that he is a closet BYU basketball fan.

Oh how it takes just one person to be honest, for another to come clean.

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