Friday, September 28, 2012

The 3-game loss of 2012

THANK GOODNESS BYU didn't lose like they managed to lose last year. But they DID manage to lose in an unforgettable way. 3 times, 3 times in one game BYU had the opportunity to win and didn't take it. BYU made many mistakes throughout the game, and Utah was able to capitalize on that. JD Falslev made an extra effort to get a first down, which the time it took caused the on-field penalty... the opportunity for a second chance. The clock was about to strike twelve, and we all know that there's no playing football on Sunday...

Here is a hilarious video someone posted on youtube regarding the end of the game:

What I loved about this game was the hope that it gave us at the end. THAT my friends, is what makes football, especially the holy war, so much fun to watch.

The best part of the rivalry? No matter how many times Utah loses they will ALWAYS revert to the game when they beat BYU. Try it out. Next time Utah loses, start poking at them and I'll put $20 down on them changing the topic to when they beat BYU. It's their only source of confidence. They're only comeback to when they get poked at because they're losing. "Better to have some confidence than to have none at all." Is what they say. I have confidence every game for BYU, whether or not that confidence is in vain is completely up to the team. But at least we didn't get invited to the PAC-12 just so we could be the punching bag!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Where the Utah fight song originated

Ask your local Ute where they think their fight song came from. When they answer that they don't know, pull this up on your smartphone and play it with one big fat grin.

For even more fun, ask them if they know the words to their fight song.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

PAC-12 Brilliance

I was at a gymnastics meet when I saw one of the promotional videos interviewing the girls. The girls were answering the question, "Why is it exciting for you to be in the PAC-12?" To which one girl said, "I'm excited to be in the PAC-12 because we've never been in a conference before."

I'm sorry, come again?

I see how the Mountain West must have slipped your mind.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dean's List

Much to my surprise last week I received this email:

Dear Student

Congratulations for making the Dean's List for Fall Semester, 2011. Final grade submissions are now in and our records show that you earned at least a 3.5 GPA on at least 12 graded credit hours for summer semester. These are the criteria for Dean's List designation and this will be shown on your official University transcript. 

Best wishes for continued success as your pursue your degree at the University of Utah.

My response:

Hahaha... I'm not complaining or anything, but...

How this heck did this happen??

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was asked by someone in marketing if I would be willing to help out with a Crimson Club event last night. They were aware of my history working security (that's right, I'm tough- 5' 2" tough) and needed someone who wasn't afraid to turn people away if they didn't have a wristband. Like... a bouncer for the crimson club. This event was for really big donors to the school and the football team, announcing something important about something... maybe next years lineup or coaches... or whatever... I don't really know or pay attention to those things. I found out what it was later on... but all I knew at this time was that if someone didn't have a wristband on, they couldn't get in.

People are coming in and I'm checking wristbands, directing those without to another level. One guy came in without a wristband, with his little boy and said, "I'm a coach!" and walked off. All the other coaches had wristbands. He came back later holding a wristband and I asked him if he would please put it around his wrist, "I'm a coach! This is for my kid!" And storms off. The guy behind me working the bookstore booth laughed. He's all, "Yeah, a coach that no one knows." I asked if he knew him, he said he did, and that was just the coaches personality- but he really had nothing to be all hauty about. He was just mad he didn't get the job he wanted. "Prima donna?" I asked, and he smiled and nodded his head.

Most of the time I am checking wristbands, there are a couple of men behind me just watching people as they come in. They had a real good time watching me be the bouncer- these guys were like twice my size and I was the bouncer. Arms crossed. Don't mess. Anyways, so a group of men come in, one of them doesn't have a wristband on.

"Excuse me, can I see your wristband?"

"I don't have a wristband."

"Then I can't let you in, you need a wristband."

He starts laughing, the guys behind me start laughing. Then he says, "I'm speaking at this event, I think I need to get let in."

I give him a questionable look, thinking, "I don't care who the heck you think you are... I've had one too many prima donnas here tonight. You're not getting in without a wristband."

The next thing I hear is, "He's the head coach of the University of Utah football team."


I don't know who the heck these guys are! The only people I recognized coming in were my old roommates sisters' inlaws (long, stretched out tale, I know) who are huge Ute fans.  I don't know who the little coaches are... I don't even know who the head coach was! Psh... no favoritism here. When I was re-telling the story last night to someone they asked if I mentioned that I didn't know him because I was a BYU fan... are you kidding me?! In that crowd?? No way jose.

The guys behind me thought it was hysterical. It was pretty funny. They were telling everyone that came by the entire night about how the main speaker, the head coach of football, almost didn't get let in by a 5' 2" girl because he didn't have a wristband. They all loved it, and said I was the best security they've seen and needed to get me to work security at all their football games cause I wasn't going to let anyone past me- no matter who they were.

So, last night was kind of a big deal... being the 2012 signing day for the University of Utah and everything... this is a video of what was going on (I haven't watched it, but just to give you an idea of how embarrassing it was that I almost didn't let this guy in. Now I understand why he didn't have a wristband on... press conference... or something...)

I have been hearing this story for days now from various people. Apparently it has gone around the entire athletics department. Rumors of the coach that was too cool to put on a wristband as well as me almost not letting Kyle Whittingham into his own press conference. How embarrassing...!

My punishment? A study sheet of all the V.I.P.'s in Utah Athletics. That's right. My assignment is to get headshots of each head coach, tape it up at my desk, study them, and then get quizzed on them... and I just thought my job was to check the wristbands.

...I still kind of want to trip that prima donna coach.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home of the 4.0's

Thank you University of Utah for giving me the best semester I've ever had in my entire life. I have never received straight A's in any semester- ever!

Hey, for the out-of-state tuition that I'm paying to go to school here, they should be handing out A's like candy.

New Slogan: The University of Utah, where 4.0 dreams really can come true!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Not a Problem

Tonight I was discussing with one of my managers about sports marketing, how they all got into it, who went to grad school and who didn't, how it works in collegiate sports... etc. He was describing to me everything he was able to do when he was an intern, like me, and then said this:

"It's hard sometimes when people work in sports because they're too much of a fan, more so a fan than a helper to the team. So you just have to get rid of them. We all want our team to do well, we're into athletics, but we have to be focused on our jobs during games and have to be OK with not being able to watch the game."

To which I thought in my head, "Yeah, that's not going to be a problem for me at all in regards to Utah sports. Not... at... all."

But hey, I'm still new, on enemy territory, they can throw me out any minute. Which is why I didn't say it out loud. I have to let these things come out slowly. Tonight I admitted that my family and I are all BYU fans. So, it's all in baby steps people. But let's face it, they love me!